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Juan Melendez Voices United for Justice is grateful for the ongoing encouragement and support of the New Mexico Conference of Churches, which serves as our 501(c) (3) fiscal agent



Juan Melendez Voices United for Justice does not currently receive any foundational funding. It relies exclusively on private donations. Your generous donations are critical to our ongoing efforts towards abolition of the death penalty. Please make your tax deductible donations directly payable by check to the New Mexico Conference of Churches or "NMCC" with a note in the memo line directing the donation to Juan Melendez Voices United for Justice and mail to NMCC at 336 N.Camino del Pueblo, PO Box 606, Bernalillo, New Mexico 87004-0606. Thank you for contributing towards our important outreach. Without your help it would not be possible for us to pervasively present Juan's powerful anti-death penalty story throughout the United States and abroad.


Got Miles?

Donations of frequent flyer miles are great way for us to cut travel costs. Our work requires a lot of travel and because Juan lives in Puerto Rico , travel costs are high. At times these travel costs prove prohibitive for small non-profits and many high-school students, university students, and people of faith are precluded from hearing our powerful and “life-altering” message. Your donation of frequent flyer miles is invaluable and will enable us to expand upon our outreach and share our message with communities which would otherwise not have an opportunity to hear it. If you are interested in donating frequent flyer miles or know of others who are, please contact Judi at 505-362-1784 or judi@hotspare.com.


Learn the Facts

One of the best ways to get involved is to become educated about the facts and stats of the death penalty. We highly recommend that you visit the Death Penalty Information Center ’s website at www.deathpenaltyinfo.org for current, comprehensive and accurate information about the death penalty. Many of us are opposed to the death penalty on a purely moral basis. But many others and indeed most others have no fundamental objections to the morality of the death penalty. As educators and activists striving to change public opinion and educate our elected officials, we must respect this position. It is not our job to criticize or challenge another’s sense of morality but to educate people about the facts of the death penalty which demonstrate that it is bad public policy. We should not expect people to ever abdicate their fundamental belief in the morality of the death penalty but we should expect that most reasonable-minded people will be open to learning facts about a life or death issue such as the death penalty---facts which demonstrate that the death penalty is riddled with error, unfairly applied, exorbitantly expensive and does not protect our communities any more effectively than stringent alternatives and might very well make our communities more vulnerable to violence. Legislators and others who listen to the facts and conclude that the death penalty is bad public policy have not “flipped” on the issue but instead have become educated about the reality of the death penalty system. Their opinion has evolved based on education. So get busy and learn the facts. Knowledge will empower you to change minds, gain allies and forge alliances in the most unexpected places!


Join or Create an Anti-Death Penalty Organization

Several anti-death penalty organizations exist throughout the country and most states have an official anti-death penalty organization. Consider joining at least one at the national level and also joining your state organization, if one exists. If one does not exist, consider creating one.


Organize an event

Organizing a uniquely powerful speaking event in your community is an effective way to activate and reenergize your base and open and change the hearts and minds of many others who attend the engagement. In addition, the speaking event will assure comprehensive media coverage of the issue. For tips on organizing events, click here . To invite a speaker to your area, please contact Judi at 505-362-1784 or judi@hotspare.com.